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Moving to or from Home, Office, Apartment, Condo, Business & more.
We love our customers & take pride in our work.
KEEP IT LOCAL serving our community for over 25 years

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Trucks, Pods, Storage, Trailers, & more.

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Our fully trained and experienced packers will provide you with personal care in packing or unpacking your belongings.

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Kyle, Port Orange
Happy customers everything was awesome they did a great job fast and polite very hard working crew we will recommend you to others
GiGi, Palm Coast, FL to Ponte Vedra, FL
I highly recommend Stanley moving! The scheduling process is smooth and Donna is so efficient and professional. The movers were courteous, careful, easy to work with and extremely hard working. I would use them again for sure!
Curtis , New Smyrna
They did a great job ????
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